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Meet some of our Alumni of young adults that had an entrepreneurial spirit but didn't know where to begin:

Through our programs they were supported with achieving their business goals, by collaborating with one another, receiving expert advice from business owners and unleashing their creativity and passion for Entrepreneurship.

Our Alumni Say

"Studying for my Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Businesses with Zig-Zag Hub was a game-changer. Leaving year 11 to pursue this certification aligned perfectly with my passion for starting a business. The program was not only easy to grasp but also incredibly educational, providing me with the skills and knowledge vital for my entrepreneurial journey.
Completing the course in under a year and having the flexibility to work in my own hours and fit in to my busy schedule made the transition extremely easy. To top it all off I was surrounded by great people and knowledgeable mentors to help get through my study’s which is why I highly recommend this course!"

Max Shelley, Alumni

Our Alumni

Shahira Mohseni

Brendan Rudd

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"Zig Zag Hub ran and organised a Year 10 Entrepreneur program for a number of students throughout Term 1. The real benefits for the students was the improved confidence and sense of self when preparing to pitch their ideas. Students really enjoyed the program and learnt a lot. I would highly recommend this program."

Peter Cattle

Careers Advisor

Warrawong High School

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