A space for Entrepreneurs

At the Zig Zag Hub we offer a space for creative minds to discover their true potential by nurturing their ability to problem solve and create their own opportunities for the future.


The Zig Zag Hub enables you to become the master of your own destiny, by helping to develop critical skills in leadership, innovation, adaptability and collaboration - taking you on a Entrepreneurial journey.


If you are looking for new opportunities to explore your potential, or if you are an individual or a young person looking to take your own path, then we can help.

The future is bright

At Zig Zag Hub, we believe the future is bright, lit by ideas where creativity knows no bounds.


Our philosophy is supporting individuals across all ages to explore, create and be curious to enable them to thrive. This gives them the skills they need to become creators of opportunities for social and economic development.

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

 Creating opportunities for personal, social and economic development.

Our Mission

We inspire all ages to future proof their success. We provide a safe and supportive environment, where the individual is guided to follow their ideas and reach their potential.


We understand the importance of self-motivated learning and enable the individual to recognise opportunities, develop entrepreneurial skills, and to ultimately build confidence enabling self-sustainability and self-sufficiency.

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Entrepreneurial Programs 



Go through the steps of Entrepreneurship for 18 + over the course of 12 weeks delivered by an expert facilitator. Whether you have an idea or not, you will learn business concepts in an energetic environment of learning and collaboration. 


Young Entrepreneurs 

We believe that the skills of Entrepreneurship will set young people up for life, as they learn to build, confidence and gain real-world knowledge to future proof their own success. Suitable for ages 7 - 17, we accept Creative Kids vouchers for this program. 

Connect, Collaborate & Inspire