We are a coworking space & learning hub for start-up entrepreneurs

At the Zig Zag Hub we offer a space where you can connect, learn and grow. We provide coworking and programs for start-up entrepreneurs to collaborate in a like-minded environment.

Our entrepreneurial programs

If you are looking for new opportunities to explore your potential or are an individual or a young person looking to take your own path, we can help.

StartGap: Business Course

We have developed a program delivered by an entrepreneur facilitator that takes you through the steps of entrepreneurship. Whether you have an idea or not, you will learn business concepts in an energetic environment of learning and collaboration.

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Entrepreneurship for creative kids

We believe that the skills of entrepreneurship will set young people up for life as they learn to build confidence and gain real-world knowledge to futureproof their success. We accept Creative Kids vouchers for this program.

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Incubate your idea

The Introduction to Starting A Business 4-week short course will guide you through establishing the right foundations for your start up venture.

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Supporting people in their Entrepreneurial Journey in a collaborative environment

At Zig Zag Hub, we believe the future is bright, lit by ideas where creativity knows no bounds.

Our philosophy is to support individuals across all ages to explore, create and be curious. We want you to thrive and develop the skills you need to become a creator of opportunities for social and economic development.

Our coworking spaces

We offer a creative coworking space that fosters entrepreneurship in children and young adults.

We inspire collaboration and connection and offer a supportive and dynamic environment for learning.

Interested in checking out our spaces? We’re always happy to show you around.

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