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Above the Clouds

Cloud School

The Classroom in the Cloud


What is Cloud School?

We are a not-for-profit charitable organisation founded in 2021 that supports disadvantaged youth by providing programs in education through the use of our online platform.

We have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and it's our vision to see a world where young people from any background, circumstance, or location are given the same opportunities in education and entrepreneurship through technology to become self-sustaining to have a brighter future.

How did it start?

When Zig Zag Hub first started in 2016, we were surrounded by young business professionals and entrepreneurs coming from a technological background.

In 2017, our founder made a trip to Cambodia visiting villages effected by extreme poverty. Seeing firsthand the struggle of the young children, she decided she wanted to make a positive impact on their lives. 

During the consecutive trips she made back to Cambodia she discovered that mobile phones were still widely used and to access the internet was possible through satellite dishes on top of their homes. With this discovery she realised that through the use of technology, educational programs could be delivered to these communities which would otherwise not have access to similar levels of education - especially in fields like technology.

How can you help? 

Supporting our cause allows classrooms to continue their amazing work in educating disadvantaged young people in English, Coding, and Entrepreneurship.

Donate using the following link: 


We have been delivering our programs in coding to non-mainstream schools from ages 15 - 29 years within our local region. These schools cater specifically to homeless and disadvantaged youths in our local community.


We have been sponsoring a young woman living in Pakistan since 2022, and you can read about her educational journey and how we aim to continue to support her learning and growth.


In early 2022 we began teaching a coding class at a boarding house for students aged 13 years through our online platform. We will be catering to students aged 12 - 29 years in our educational programs.


Since 2019 we have been providing English lessons to 200 students aged 5 - 29 years in Proval in Cambodia. Now focusing on providing further education in Entrepreneurial, coding, art, and life skills.

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