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Zig Zag Hub has been running Design Thinking programs within Illawarra schools for a number of years. Our passion lies in educating young people and giving them the skills they need in the current business climate, including: problem solving, critical thinking, digital literacy and communication. These skills are valuable in building up confidence, adaptability, and resilience.

For Schools

One idea can make a real change!

About the Program:

The initial first step of the program is to bring awareness of the UN Goals and let students know that their ideas can bring value to their community or the world.

The program allows students to plan and design initiatives to develop a possible product or service. Within the program, students go through the testing process of bringing their ideas to life whilst learning the basic concepts of a startup business. The program provides the students with the opportunity to ignite their passion for Entrepreneurship as well as growing their confidence in taking ownership of their ideas during the pitching stage.


Why Entrepreneurship?


Entrepreneurship has become a global movement for young people, with technolgy opening the gateway for this. More young people are starting their own gig than ever before.

When individuals have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to see the opportunities and pursue them, they become creators of social and economic development.

Through these experiences students are able to challenge themselves, gain knowledge, develop future proof skills, and grow their entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skill set which will enable them to zig zag through life.

6 Session Program:

  • Session 1: Identifying a problem

  • Session 2: Coming up with a solution

  • Session 3: Market Research

  • Session 4: SWOT Analysis

  • Session 5: Learning the prototype process

  • Session 6: Pitch Practice


Becoming a great problem solver gives young people the ability to overcome challenges and obstacles on the path to success. The program covers the topics of: 

Computer Learning
“It was a privilege to have Zig Zag Hub run entrepreneur programs for a group of students from years 9, 10 and 11. I was thrilled with the response from the students and loved watching them think innovatively and solve real life business problems. Both parents and students gave positive feedback on the program .”

Chris Laird, Careers Adviser Cedars Christian College

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