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Meet the Team

Meet the masterminds behind our mission, each bringing their own unique skills to create magic together!


Carmen Rudd

I’ve come from a construction and space background and saw the need for providing a space for startup businesses to grow and connect. Zig Zag Hub quickly became a space for young likeminded individuals to bring out their creative ideas to life.

Business Development Manager

Sophie Rudd

I’ve been a part of the Zig Zag Hub Team for over 4 years and have enjoyed seeing our community grow and achieve new heights. In 2023, I entered into the position of Business Development Manager at our not -for -profit ‘Cloud School, The Classroom in the Cloud’ where I support our classrooms.

Programmer and Facilitator

Ashton Morris

Hello my name is Ashton Morris, I am from the Byron shire, I’m currently in Wollongong, studying a bachelor computer science at the University of Wollongong. I enjoy skateboarding and snowboarding and any chance to get out of my comfort zone.

Software Developer and Facilitator

Andre Hollis

Andre has a degree in Information Technology and is currently studying his Masters in Computer Science. He is building our Online Educational Platform and has been teaching programs in Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Curriculum Programmer and Facilitator

Cordelia Mackay

Cordelia Jean Mackay has a Master of Teaching and is an experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education sector. Alongside teaching, she specialises in curriculum design and development and has joined us as a Curriculum Programmer and Facilitator.

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