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Meet the Team

Meet the masterminds behind our mission, each bringing their own unique skills to create magic together!


Carmen Rudd

I’ve come from a construction and space background and saw the need for providing a space for startup businesses to grow and connect. Zig Zag Hub quickly became a space for young likeminded individuals to bring out their creative ideas to life.

Business Development Manager

Sophie Rudd

I’ve been a part of the Zig Zag Hub Team for over 4 years and have enjoyed seeing our community grow and achieve new heights. In 2023, I entered into the position of Business Development Manager at our not -for -profit ‘Cloud School, The Classroom in the Cloud’ where I support our classrooms.

Software Developer and Facilitator

Andre Hollis

Andre has a degree in Information Technology and is currently studying his Masters in Computer Science. He is building our Online Educational Platform and has been teaching programs in Technology and Entrepreneurship.

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