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Dependable Skills for an Ever Changing World

New technology has consistently changed the way people work and create. Young people

looking for their first job or deciding on a field to study have more options open to them than

ever before. Emerging technologies are creating entirely new industries and careers for

young people to dive right into.

There’s more to working in technology than being an engineer or rocket scientist. People

experienced in programming and design are becoming increasingly sought after by

employers. If you think about the way you interact with businesses you’ll see that things like

websites, apps, and social media are becoming central to successful stores, restaurants,

and companies.

A career in tech may seem daunting at first but the truth is most teenagers probably already

have a lot of the skills and knowledge necessary for jobs in the field! If you’ve got experience

running a YouTube channel or a personal blog you’ve already got a valuable insight into

online platforms and social media. Every industry uses technology in some shape or form,

which means that there is no shortage of jobs for young people with a tech skill set.

By developing their abilities further, young people can target jobs they’re most passionate

about. If you love to be creative, you can learn more about graphic design and digital art. A

passion for video games can inspire you to learn how to code and produce interactive worlds

of your own!

Tech skills mean that you can work in flexible roles that centre the projects you want to

create. It’s never been easier to start your own business or to develop your own creative

projects into a viable career path. With technology you can even work remotely while

travelling the world. What’s really special about a career working with emerging technologies

is that young people are the ones driving change and innovation. Today’s students will grow

to create new technology that changes the world in all sorts of meaningful ways.

By teaching young people how to understand and work with modern technologies we’re

giving them skills that are as crucial to modern life as swimming is to fish.


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