Start Gap

Do you feel a yearning for a place to go where you can feel that you belong to a group of young people with creative vision and drive to make a

change in the world?

Do you want to create your own career path? 

Start Gap will enable you to think like an Entrepreneur and why each one of us can be one now!

Is there a problem you want to solve in the world? Did you want to know the steps to become an Entrepreneur, but did not know where to start? 

At Zig Zag Hub we have developed a program that is delivered by an expert facilitator to take you through the steps of Entrepreneurship. Whether you have an idea or not, you will learn business concepts in an energetic environment of learning and collaboration. 


Our space offers you a haven of knowledge, wisdom, encouragement and expertise to guide you on the Entrepreneurial journey. 

  • Develop an Entrepreneurial mindset to give you the best change of success. 

  • Understanding through the lenses of an Entrepreneur, Finance, Legal, Funding, Marketing and the power of a brand and more.

  • Developing a prototype to be able to test and obtain customer feedback.

  • You will develop the art of pitching to take your confidence to the next level.

Our programs run one day a week, from 9:00am - 3:00pm over a 12 week Term. 

Register your interest with us today for our 2021 program! 

Please note: We’re a child safe organisation, and we align our policies and procedure with the Child Safe Organisations approach created by the Australian Human Rights Commission.


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