Social Impact

We believe in empowering young people and contributing towards positive social change

Our social impact focuses on the way we can pay it forward and give back to our local community, but also on a global scale.
Locally, we bring people together and break down barriers. We’ve created a creative community of inspiring people who work, study, learn and incubate businesses within our dynamic space.
We’re always looking for ways to open up our programs to new audiences and give young people a way to engage with learning outside of traditional systems, which aren’t always the right fit for everyone.
We also offer free workshops, online access to resources, and scholarships to our StartGap program, to ensure we are accessible to all.
We welcome people of any background and believe in equal opportunities for all.

Living your life with purpose​

At the Zig Zag Hub, we’re all about empowering young people to take control of their futures through learning, innovation and entrepreneurship.

But we’re more than just about helping people make money.

We believe that living your life with purpose and contributing to the greater good is the real mark of success.

Our foundation

Our Foundation was established in 2019 to empower young adults around the world to sustain themselves and turn great ideas into successful businesses.
Through this foundation, we have established a school in Cambodia for children aged 14 years and over, where they can learn skills to generate income and contribute to their community.
Our school helps students to create self-sustaining businesses and creates opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach. It’s our approach to helping break the poverty cycle, using innovation and entrepreneurship to empower people and help them reach their true potential

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