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Our Community

Why choose Zig Zag Hub Community?

  • Are you a school leaver struggling to find the right career path?

  • Have you started a qualification in a field and realised that it isn't for you?

  • Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, wishing to start a business?

Join our tribe! We are passionate about creating a space for young people to feel a part of an inclusive and supportive environment for self-discovery and learn about their interests where we encourage exploring ideas and bringing out your true potential with like minded individuals.

Community Membership - 16-29 years:

RTO Courses

Expand your skills and knowledge with our accredited qualification from our prestigious RTO courses.


Design Thinking Program

With our well designed program you can delve into the art of design thinking.


Speaker Events

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of inspiring guest speakers, held every month in the Zig Zag Hub space.


Pitch Fest

A bi-monthly festival for young creative minds like you to showcase your brilliance in person.


Meet and Greet

The best of the industry professionals coming together to connect with you and give you the opportunity to grow your network.



Held twice a month




Desk space and breakout areas in a vibrant work space that sparks creativity and collaboration.



Receive guidance through our mentoring programs, propelling your growth even further.

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