Entrepreneurship for creative kids

At Zig Zag Hub, we provide learning sessions in entrepreneurship after school hours, which includes running for 10 weeks, term by term. Participants are welcome to join throughout the term.

Do you have a creative kid that is full of ideas?

We provide learning in the skills of entrepreneurship by providing a variety of activities that incorporate the foundations of problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and public speaking. These skills are known as enterprise skills, which build confidence, resilience and the ability to adapt.

Through self-directed learning – under the guidance of an educator – and an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with others, communication skills are enriched. 

A highlight of the term is the pitch fest, where all of the participants have the opportunity to pitch the progress of their idea.

In the continuous journey of learning and developing, where ideas can be boundless, we foster the start-up a cycle of the idea, build, launch, learn and repeat the process.
We inspire students to be problem solvers, think outside the box, connect and communicate through pitching their own ideas, all of which will skyrocket their confidence.
At the end of the term, we hold a pitch fest where the young entrepreneurs can showcase their ideas and be given valuable feedback by mentors from within the business community.

Why is it for you?

Does your child want to start their own business?

Our program contains the following components:

Values associated with entrepreneurship

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Adaptability

​These foundations will be woven into each week’s lessons, and by the end of the course, your child will have a firm understanding of how these values help to become a successful entrepreneur or creative.

How is the program delivered?

Design thinking

​This self-directed learning is monitored by the facilitator, so each student is supported on their entrepreneurial journey.

Topics covered throughout the program

Business development

​The bulk of this session will allow students to work on their individual projects. Interspersed in the weeks, there will be time for presentation pitch practices and peer feedback.

The Details


7 - 17 years


Please contact us for more information.

Dates / Times

Running for 10 weeks, term by term.
Participants are able to join at any time in the term.

We accept Creative Kids vouchers for this program!

To reach us now, please contact us via info@zigzaghub.com.au or 0423809680


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