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Hear from our founder, Carmen Rudd, and hear of her journey to lifelong learning and enthusiasm for educating and empowering young people

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A message from our founder, Carmen Rudd

I started this journey over 30 years ago… learning, connecting and creating.


Through my work and life experiences I was always creating and connecting, recognising opportunities and working through challenges whilst enjoying successes. I saw a need for young people to understand that life is a process of continual learning and development.


Entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs are not born, and they’re not accidents. They’re people who have seen an opportunity and pursued it with confidence and resilience.


By developing entrepreneurship skills, children and young adults can strengthen their creativity and ability to connect purposefully, developing their critical thinking, collaboration and communication tools to be leaders in life and work.


And by following a journey of continuous learning, they gain experience, refine their skills and extend their knowledge.

Founder of Zig Zag Hub,

Carmen Rudd

“I believe that the world of work is ever changing. I want everyone to be fulfilled in their work and to build strong skills that allow for self-sufficiency and self-sustainability. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity and support to understand who they are, what they are capable of and grow their confidence,” - Carmen Rudd, founder, Zig Zag Hub

When people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to identify and pursue ideas, they become creators of social and economic development.

How do we do this?


At the Zig Zag Hub we offer a space that provides learning, connecting and growing.


The result is gaining knowledge, develop skills and grow their entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial skills enabling them to Zig Zag through life, rather than have to follow a straight line.