Get ready to create your own future

At ZigZag Hub, we believe in lifelong learning and following your own path to success as a young entrepreneur or student.

Life isn’t just a series of checkboxes and pre-assigned steps – you choose your own adventure.

We CAN help you

Learn to think like an entrepreneur

At the Zig Zag Hub, we believe every young person has the potential to create their own opportunities and to follow their own zigzagging path.

In this ever-changing world, certain skills are proven to help young people succeed, skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and public speaking. These skills build up young people’s ability to become self-reliant and believe in themselves with real confidence. Our facilitators, programs, pitch fests, workshops and mentoring encourage creativity, critical thinking, communication and purposeful connecting.

Life isn’t just a series of checkboxes and pre-assigned steps – you choose your own adventure.

We help you think like an entrepreneur – becoming aware of opportunities and identifying new creative possibilities for your future. It’s a journey of learning, one we’d love to share with you.

Our vision

Creating opportunities for personal, social and economic development.

Our mission

We inspire all ages to futureproof their success. We provide a safe and supportive environment, where the individual is guided to follow their ideas and reach their potential.
We understand the importance of self-motivated learning and empower the individual to recognise opportunities, develop entrepreneurial skills, and build confidence, enabling self-sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Helping the community

Social impact

We believe in empowering young people and contributing towards positive social change.

Child Safe

At Zig Zag Hub, we put the interests and wellbeing of young people first

We understand the importance of providing a safe space for young people to learn in, which is why we’re a child safe organisation.

Our policies and procedures are aligned with the child safe organisation approach created by the Australian Human Rights Commission. A child safe organisation puts the best interests of children and young people first.

As a child safe organisation, we consciously and systematically:

  • Create an environment where children’s safety and wellbeing is at the centre of thought, values and actions
  • Emphasise genuine engagement with and valuing of children and young people
  • Create conditions that reduce the likelihood of harm to children and young people
  • Create conditions that increase the likelihood of identifying any harm
  • Respond to any concerns, disclosures, allegations or suspicions of harm.

Our team members all have current and up to date Working with Children Checks and NSW Police Checks.

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