Our Why

Zig Zag Hub is a coworking space for our younger generation where they can connect, learn and grow.

We believe through experiencing entrepreneurship and acquiring the relevant skill set, individuals can develop the necessary mindset to find their place in the World. Developing critical thinking skills empowers children and young adults to develop the confidence to make decisions.

Learning how to ‘pitch an idea’ challenges students to communicate, be adaptable and resilient – working with and through their ideas!

This program inspires and empowers students to own their ideas, by decoding the process of generating and pursuing a business idea, students understand what it takes to be a successful innovator and entrepreneur. We help our participants to engage with peer to peer feedback, assisting them to learn how to create and present a valid purpose, while building their confidence at the same time.

ZIGZAG Hub provides an opportunity to build problem solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, public speaking, communication and creativity. We offer out Young Entrepreneur Program for 7-18year old’s and our Start Gap Program for 17-30year old’s.

The programs are based on learning through doing and reflection. Our facilitators nurture community of inquiry working environment, allowing individuals to exchange ideas, use collective intelligence and group reflection. This program allows students to work in a positive culture, helping them recognise and develop the skills needed to create positive working environments of the future.