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Learn about Zig Zag Hub, where we believe in lifelong learning and following your own path to success as a young entrepreneur or student.

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Get ready to create
your own future.

At the Zig Zag Hub, we believe every young person has the potential to create their own opportunities, and to follow their own zig-zagging path.


In this ever-changing world, certain skills are proven to help young people succeed - skills like problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and public speaking. These skills build up young people's ability to become self reliant, believe in  themselves with real confidence. 


At the Zig Zag Hub, our facilitators, programs, pitch fests, workshops and mentoring encourage creativity, critical thinking, communication and purposeful connecting.


Life isn’t just a series of check boxes and pre-assigned steps - you choose your own adventure.

We help you to think like an entrepreneur - becoming aware of opportunities and identifying new creative possibilities for your future.


It’s a journey of learning, and one we’d love to share with you.

We’ll help you learn to think like an entrepreneur
Vision & Mission

Learn about our ‘Why’ and find out about our organisation’s mission and values.

Our Founder

Meet our founder Carmen Rudd, who aims to support young people to empower themselves through education, to create real change in their environment.

Meet the Team

Meet our inspiring team - they are a clever bunch.

 “The skills children should have by 13 are the confidence to put forward ideas, the enthusiasm to try their hardest to make things work and the maturity to learn why sometimes ideas are rejected and why sometimes they are accepted,”


Peter Williams, founder of Jack Wills UK fashion brand, Forbes magazine.[1]