Who are they and why is starting the easy part?

What is a modern entrepreneur?

The term entrepreneur comes from the French term “entreprendre” meaning “to pursue opportunities”. While being an entrepreneur certainly isn’t a new idea, modern technology and new generations are changing the way we do business including how and where we start.

The rise and rise of the modern entrepreneur

The modern entrepreneur could be anyone. Best selling books like “The $100 start up”, “100 Side Hustles” and “Business Adventures” help people to have the ideas and courage to take a step towards their dreams. These books as well as online blogs, support groups and networking events help individuals to start. Inspiring business people like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and even Australia’s own Jane Lu fill modern dreamers with enthusiasm.

Why entrepreneurship is thriving in our regional towns

The modern, truly global marketplace allows entrepreneurs to access international manufacturers without the high start-up costs of previous generations. The opportunities online are almost limitless. This modern tech is helping regional and even remote towns to become more connected to the world. Allowing individuals an opportunity to work from where they are and design a life around their priorities. From mobile phones with time tracking software, photo and video editing apps to the NBN providing impressive internet speeds for streaming and online meetings. The laptop lifestyle is both intriguing and exciting for modern entrepreneurs of all ages. 

But “what next?”

While the dream is often all sunshine and roses, ideas and ideals to begin with, many new business owners then get to the point where they ask, “what’s next?”. The idea is one thing, but the action plan and getting started are a totally different beast. The action plan, set up and start up are stumbling blocks which can seem impossible to overcome. These next steps require more than ideas, they need more than youthful enthusiasm, they need expertise. But the budgets of most start-up’s more of a shoestring than lotto win means expert help can be difficult to access.

The rise of incubators

The need for access to expert knowledge and help to take the next step in business has given rise to incubators. Incubators are short term programs that include guidance, networking, and expert tips to help business to start or grow. They provide time to work on your business and ideas, allowing you to focus on your business idea and how it will work.

The best part about incubators? Some reports suggest that they can increase your chance of success to over 90%! With stats like that it is no wonder that so many businesses decide to accelerate their business with an incubator program. Why don’t you take the plunge and join Zig Zag Hub’s Incubator program and give yourself the best possible chance of success?