The concept for the name ‘Zig Zag’ came from the idea that ‘Business is never a straight line – it zig zags’

As much as Business has its rewards, challenges can be quite a struggle to get around, no different to getting around those sharp corners, like a zig zag.

Enthusiasm is evident when you have an idea and start to get it together.

  • You have done your research.
  • You put your plan in place.
  • You give it a name.
  • Get your website up and running

Now you are ready to roll.  You start to climb the mountain of entrepreneurship and realise you have an actual mountain in front of you! The customers did not come running to you, in fact you have to do the chasing. You begin to question yourself. Am I on the right track? Did I sell my pitch properly? Why did that enquiry not become a lead? Why? Why? Why? Those corners seem longer and longer and you wonder if you’ll ever see straight road again. Just when you have a win along comes another corner you have to navigate.

We know all about those corners and the best way to get around those corners quicker is to not give up. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to talk to others. Whether it is a friend, a business associate, a mentor or someone to bounce the ideas off. The answer will surely come.

When you have reached the top of your mountain and you look back down to see that now you can create jobs, you have revenue to contribute to other projects, you will then see that the mountain was not quite so big.

Zig Zag your way to the top!