ZigZag Founding Story

Carmen’s concept of the ZigZag Hub is a vibrant space filled with business ideas and a diversity of people from varying backgrounds and skills. Her vision is to provide a unique opportunity for startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs to connect, grow and learn. It is easy to see when you look at Carmen’s lived business experience why she has arrived in this space.

Carmen’s parents moved out to Australia from Malta in 1960. Carmen’s Father was a builder and like many migrants of that era was exceptionally hard working.

At the time when Carmen married and had children the traditional expectation was that she would have no need to work. So when Carmen’s Father asked her to help him with his administration she did not imagine it would be the beginning of her absolute love for business.

With the long hours and many challenges, the family property business was becoming successful. Working alongside her father, Carmen found that by forming ethical business practises and an openness to learning, you give way to further development and success.

Carmen lives by the simple philosophy that no matter what challenges you might face in business there is ALWAYS a way. This instilled philosophy and determination is what drove Carmen to become the business woman she is today, a Managing Director of multiple businesses in Serviced Apartments, Serviced offices and Commercial Real Estate that she has created and developed.

With her innovative approach to complex challenges and an innate enthusiasm and passion for business, she was recognised for her business expertise, in 2011 when she was awarded the Illawarra Businesswoman of the Year.

Carmen’s concept for the ZigZag Hub is a well-conceived and evolving business model. It provides a space that mentors business learning and leadership. It is an open space for thinking, talking and testing business ideas that may or may not fly. It is a space where there is no wrong answer or idea. It brings together leaders in business with emerging entrepreneurs.

Carmen now uses her experience and expertise to guide others, connecting and nurturing young and old alike who are on the entrepreneurial journey. While Building another chapter in her pioneering business life.

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