Online Marketing for Leads and Sales Workshop

Do you have a great new product or service, but you’re struggling to get people to notice OR take action?

When you’re starting out in business as a freelancer or entrepreneur, there are often so many things that need to get done. But if you’re NOT marketing, then your business isn’t growing.

That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of Wollongong’s online marketing strategist Kellie O’Brien to help create an online marketing strategy for leads and sales.


Why do you need Online Marketing?

Where once you could only advertise your business through traditional media, billboards or face-to-face networking, marketing has now evolved to allow us to market online.

The beauty of this is we can now run more highly targeted marketing campaigns to get in front of our most aligned clients right where they are and at the right time.

So rather than hoping your ideal client drives past your billboard (and takes notice), you can now put the right story and message in front of them as they log into Facebook, open their email inbox or search in Google.

This means the big problem we face today isn’t getting our message out there like it once was. Instead, our challenge is that with so many options, it can start to feeling all too overwhelming.

Or, even worse, like throwing a dart and hoping for the best.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s about being strategic and selecting the platforms that are going to give you the most return for your efforts. The platforms where your ideal client is ACTUALLY hanging out.

Sure, social media is free. But it’s still costing you TIME, if you’re not getting a return.


3 keys for effective Online Marketing

During the Online Marketing For Leads and Sales Workshop on Thursday, March 15, online marketing strategist Kellie O’Brien will focus in on how to:

  1. Attract your most aligned clients to your business effortlessly

Once you’re clear on who it is you’re trying to attract to your business and the transformation you can provide through your product or service, then you can see more clearly HOW you can find this person. You’ll audit the online marketing activities you’re already doing to determine what needs to be dropped and what needs to be added in for more effective marketing.

  1. Determine what to focus your energy on when creating your marketing plan and aim for consistency

Gaining clarity on step one transitions nicely into the second part of the workshop, which is about creating a plan of action to allow you to market your business consistency but without ever having to move into overwhelm or burnout. This is about ensuring the strategies and activities you do adopt will have a direct benefit to you attracting the right people at the right time.

  1. Move them from discovering who you are online through to investing in you – without burning yourself out.

It’s not enough just to put your message and stories in front of the right people at the right time. With only 1-3% of the people who visit your website ever buying what it is you have to sell, you need to capture the details of those not yet ready to buy so you can nurture a relationship. This is about building a predictable system that allows you to build the know, like and trust, stay top of mind for when they ARE ready to buy and guides them towards getting excited about wanting to work with you.


The workshop will give your marketing greater purpose and help build a predictable system for leads and sales.


What the Online Marketing Workshop can do for your business?

Kellie knows all too well how much of an impact online marketing can have for your business.

As an author, speaker and blogger, she empowers female entrepreneurs through to national companies to use storytelling and systems to build soulful client pathways that move your most aligned clients from discovering who you are online through to investing with you.

With 16 years as a journalist, 5 years owning a PR agency, and now as a published author, online influencer and digital coach, she lives and breathes story and strategy.

She’s helped everyone from:

  • a female entrepreneur generate $50,000 for her FIRST EVER launch through to
  • launching a $250m city master plan which gained unanimous approval after five failed attempts over 30 years.

One of the greatest benefits of creating a system and plan around your online marketing – rather than randomly posting on social media – is that you can create a consistent flow of leads and sales for your business.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be complicated once you have a clear understanding of:

  • who it you’re targeting,
  • where they’re hanging out and
  • the transformation you provide your ideal client
  • what they need to believe or understand to invest in you to solve their problem


During this hands-on Online Marketing For Leads and Sales Workshop, you’ll walk away with a clear idea of:

  • How to attract your most aligned client
  • A 90-day marketing plan for consistently getting the right message in front of them
  • A sales funnel template that shows how to move them from discovering who you are online through to investing with you


The 3-hour Online Marketing Workshop with Kellie will be held on Wednesday 9th May, from 5.30-8.30pm at ZigZag Hub, 95-109 Crown St, Wollongong. Members: Free and Non-members: $49.

BONUS: You will receive a 90-Day Marketing Plan Workbook to use during the workshop PLUS also gain access to Kellie’s 2018 PR and Marketing News Calendar, valued at $47, for FREE to help you craft stories to put your new marketing plan into action once you leave the workshop.


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