Q: What are the benefits of co-working?
A: The Zig Zag hub is a community of start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs co-working in a shared office space. Co-working can help you grow your business faster. Expand your personal and professional networks, and find new clients. Co-working helps you to create a better work life balance as well as allowing you to work by yourself but not alone. Many co-workers find they have improved motivation, creativity and even productivity when working in a co-working space like the Zig Zag Hub.

Q: How will the Zig Zag Hub help me?
A: The Zig Zag Hub provides a community of likeminded business people to support, encourage and help you to grow your business. Our new mentoring program provides an additional level of experienced support to help you take your business to the next level, increase your skills and gain feedback that is essential to business success.

Q: What do I get with my membership fee?
A: Space for an allotted time period eg 1,3, or 7 days per week. Free entry to Zig Zag Hub events including workshops, networking events and pitch nights. A community of support. Entry to Zig Zag Hubs new mentoring program for a small fee.

Q: Do I have to work at Zig Zag 9-5 Monday to Friday?
A: No, if you have a 7 day pass you get your own key and have access to the Zig Zag Hub whenever it suits you. For other pass types work times can be negotiated on an individual basis.

Q: Can I access Zig Zag Hub on the weekend?
A: If you purchase a 7-day package you can access Zig Zag Hub at any time convenient to you.

Q: You mentioned events, what types of events do you hold and how often?
A: The Zig Zag Hub hosts regular events including seminars, workshops and pitch nights. Generally, events occur 2-4 times per month and each event is free for Zig Zag Hub members.

Q: If I need help with a specific part of my start up eg financing or marketing can I get help at the Zig Zag Hub for that?
A: Yes, at Zig Zag Hub we have multiple freelancers and start-ups who can provide support to others within the co-working space. We have also sourced quality mentors who can provide advice on business growth.

Q: How many other start-ups are in the Zig Zag Hub?
A: At any one time the Zig Zag Hub can have up to 15 (?) start-ups in the space, providing a great sense of community and support.

Q: Is there someone to help me with the daily tasks I struggle with?
A: Yes, the Zig Zag Hub currently has a virtual assistant within the space who can help you get through your extensive to do list.

Q: Can the Zig Zag hub help me connect with someone who has been where I am before?
A: That is the difference between working from home and working in a community environment off likeminded people that have done it all before can share their challenges and wins.


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