Speak Up & Stand Out!

22 March 2018

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

ZigZag Hub, Suite 103B Level 1, 95-109 Crown Street , Wollongong, NSW, 2500

Free of charge

A FREE evening of Public Speaking Practice for Small Business People
In today’s market place – dominated by online marketing, social media and hours alone with a laptop, computer, or other device – it’s easy to forget how powerful your spoken words are.
Being confident and competent when in front of a group, or one-to one over a coffee, can make the difference between being successful in business, or not.
The more people you meet, talk to, share your business with – the more money you will make.
Prospective clients, partners and buyers are making decisions every moment, whether or not they can trust you with their;
• Hard earned money
• Own business success
• Vulnerability and weaknesses
• Time and effort
By sounding confident & competent, in authentically expressing yourself, it’s more likely you will be trusted, so a potential client feels more comfortable making the move to become a paying client.
This FREE evening will focus on building confidence in three foundational skills needed when meeting people, at a network meeting, seminar, or speaking with a prospective new client.
• Business card delivery – one sentence to assist the person to remember your business or yourself
• Elevator pitch – two or three sentences that encapsulate what your business does and how it benefits your clients – benefit and outcome focused
• One to one ‘coffee pitch’ – 5-10 minute spiel outlining; what your business does, what is involved, the features and benefits for a prospective client, finishing with a call to action offer.
Being confident in these three skills will raise the profile of you and your business in your community. So you can become the ‘go to person’ in your area of expertise. Which means more cash in your pocket at the end of each month, so you can stay in business doing what you love.

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